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S9 - GPS problem - tracking not working


Jun 17, 2022
Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my Galaxy s9:

1. GPS turns on but the range of my position is very inaccurately
2. Doesn't work tracking system in phone - Maps GPS not working
- in Maps show only the position in which I started the program but does not track despite the movement
- using LTE or WI-FI does not help
3. The phone was reset to factory settings many times and any non-invasive other methods available from Google were also I used
- GPS Test APK does not detect satellites correctly.

Apparently some module / chip has broken. Could someone please write me what I need to replace, please?
Is one element or the entire motherboard?

Have you tried to update the phone os? Because after restarting you should update the new kernel. If it's not working then you should think about hardware. Sometimes I faced this problem because of outdated software.

Hi, yes but is not working for me. The phone had the latest software. I also reinstalled the latest update by the Smart Switch program from Samsung - it doesn't change anything.
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If a component has broken there are basically 2 possibilities: the GPS antenna (or the connection to it) or the entire motherboard. The actual GPS (& Galileo, GLONASS, etc) hardware is in the SoC (system on a chip), not a separate component, so the antenna is the only thing you could fix without replacing the whole motherboard.

To be honest, damage to the SoC, or to the motherboard in a way that only affects GPS, feels unlikely to me. I'd have thought either a disconnected antenna or a firmware fault would be more likely. When you reinstalled the latest update was that a full firmware flash or just a small patch? I'd suggest trying a full firmware flash to be sure. You should also certainly try a factory reset before you consider replacing the motherboard (all your data are gone if you replace the motherboard so there is no downside to trying a reset first).

And apologies for suggesting this, but just to rule out the stupid possibilities: you aren't using it in some "EM radiation protection" phone case? People do actually sell such things, and any case that actually blocked radio waves (i.e. wasn't simply an ordinary case being sold to the gullible) would interfere with GPS reception.
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