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A quick web search came up with the following variants on the recipe:

* reboot the phone
* when the phone starts to reboot, press and hold power and volume down together
* when the device logo ("Redmi Note 7") appears release power but continue to press volume down
* look for "safe mode" in the bottom corner when it has rebooted. If not, try again.


* reboot the phone* when the device logo ("Redmi Note 7") appears press and hold the "volume down" key
* look for "safe mode" in the bottom corner when it has rebooted. If not, try again.

It may make no difference, in which case holding volume down all along will be less of a fiddle, but I'd try both.

I did also find a post that said that Xiaomi had removed safe mode in Miui 10 (which if true would be incredibly stupid and a good reason never to buy one of their phones), but that last recipe was posted in the same thread as that statement but some months later, and did stress waiting for the full logo "Redmi Note 7" to appear rather than just "Redmi". So it's possible that the timing is critical and the person who thought it was removed just wasn't aware of that (most recipes just say "when the logo appears"). I've therefore added that stipulation to both versions, but it may be that you have to experiment with the timing so don't give up if it fails first time.

I'm afraid I don't have a Xiaomi device so can't test any of this myself.
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I tried this ^ on my Poco.As per the second option Hadron mentioned. That worked on my second attempt.When the logo on powering back up appears, hold the Volume Down button, though the timing may be important .

I couldn't find a way to go forward from the Fastboot logo when, as you usually do, hold the Power and Volume keys together (I won't look in to that for now) - so it's not via that route.

Now SwiftKey disappears on restart, I accidentally set Microsoft Launcher trying to find it, I can't type with whatever this is ( Gboard?) and I'm cussing like a trooper, but I'll recover. :p
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How do I boot my mi phone into recovery mode?

Press the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time. Then release the Power button first when you see the white Mi logo. Don't release the Volume Up button until you've entered the Mi-Recovery mode.

This Mode was easier to get into than Safe Mode.
I was able to get into Safe Mode once only and I wonder if it's because my phone does NOT show Redmi Note 7.
My screen shows Redmi - then MIUI comes up. Very tricky.
I did get into Safe Mode again but it reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy S4 trying to get into safe mode>
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