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Help samsung acclaim software

No, LauncherPro does not change fonts. It offers you the most space of any home replacement with up to 7 home screens and up to 3 docks (you choose how many or few you get).

I haven't used it, but some swear by aHome. aHome has a ton of extensions for it.

For either, you will also need an app called Home Switcher.

The Acclaim doesn't have a look -- you're talking about Android. That's the OS, like Windows on a PC.

You know you can change the wallpaper... that, and adding widgets, is pretty much it as far as customization. Oh and moving icons around. In my opinion it's best to remove them all (long press, your App Drawer becomes a trashcan, drag and drop on trashcan) and then add just what you want. More of your background showing through goes a long way in making your Android phone look better.

Also, this may just be me, but I like to only have icons in what they call, I think, white space? Not specifically white, but in less important parts of my wallpaper. Every time I change my wallpaper, I move all the icons around so they "vibe"/"Zen" with the wallpaper. So it always looks slick, and intentional, it doesn't look like something just slapped together.
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