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Help Samsung diagnostics


Android Enthusiast
May 29, 2012
Hey guys, I meant to post this a while ago but never got around to it... but here it goes. If you are ever experiencing problems with the Rush or any Samsung running android as far as I know, go to your dialer and dial *#0*# . Once you hit the final pound the phone will automatically redirect you to the diagnostic screen. From there you will be able to test the following: colors red,blue and green, your receiver, vibrator and the ability to dim the LCD, your mega camera (back camera), the phones sensors, its ability to pick up touch and sleep, your speaker, sub key (capacitive buttons), your front camera, SVC LED (notification light), and last but not least the phones frequencies.

Hope this helps in a sticky situation or if you just wanna pass the time. (P.S. I noticed in the LED test that among red and blue the phone also has a magenta color LED that works!!! Have any of you ever seen it before?)


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