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Samsung Epic 4G


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Nov 12, 2010
Interested in buying a Samsung Epic for my wife. I got her a purple LG Optimus S when we signed up for Sprint, but she fell in love with my Epic and wants to switch. Phone has to have a clean ESN and be in great shape. Let me know what you have or whether you would be interested in some type of trade for the purple Optimus S.

Thanks in advance,

I currently have an epic that I'm looking to sell\trade. Great shape, had it for less than 3 weeks. No issues or anything, its just bigger than what I expected so imu currently looking for an evo shift. I'll sell yoy my epic if you want along with everything that came in original box plus screen protectors, just make an offer. Looking around 270-300.
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I have a lightly used but pristine Epic for sale. I was asking $325 locally, but I would do $300 and we could meet up somewhere for the sale. I'm in Denville NJ but willing to drive to make the sale.

I bought the Epic but decided after a week or two that I wanted the Evo instead. The Epic has been sitting in it's box on a shelf since I activated my Evo.

I'm PayPal verified too.
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