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Samsung S2 Epic 4 issues


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Aug 11, 2012
Hello all,

I don't know if this is common knowledge but...I could not figure out why there was periodically no service when I had perfect service with my previous Sprint phones plus on the trip here there were several locations where I had no service what so ever but did in the past with my sprint phone (w/o roaming). I did a little research and found out the Galaxy S2 Epic 4g has a serious radio problem. Now it does not plague all phones but a huge majority. Apparently, over time the quality of the signal will degrade until it just says there is no service. You could be standing next to the tower and it will still drop. In most cases this is fixed with a reboot in addition the radio does appear to be seriously weak. Where in the past, with another phone, had full bars the Samsung will show one or two. I found complaints going back to with in a week of Sprints first introduction of the S2 so they have acknowledged it but say it is Samsung’s problem. They (Sprint and Samsung) have released fixes over the network (while it was a sprint only phone) but reports say the fixes did not work. I have also found complaints from Verizon users so it is not a sprint only issue.

Like i said, it doesn't happen to everybody but enough that it is a know issue to Sprint.

I post this only to let those who are having signal issues know it isn't you and to those who plan to by an S2...don't or at least be aware. To date this is no fix. ...too bad it is a great device, lousily phone but a great device... Have a good winter holiday.

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It should be but didn't ATT buy t-mobile or t-mobile buy ATT??? I know they use each others networks...

It seems it is an issue with the CDMA radio.

I did a hands free re-activation using the ##72786# code. Did improve the signal slightly or at least it is usable now. Not nearly as it should be but useable.

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If interested...i did fix (or nearly fixed) this issue with a GB27 (4.1.2) custom one click unrooted ROM. If your S2E4g has pushed you to the point of wanting a new phone, you may consider modifying your phone. It saved mine from being retired. :) Samsung said that the S2 will be updated to 4.1.? and then eventually 4.2.? but some have speculated that only the international version would get the 4.2.? update. So it is nice that Samsung has not abandoned the S2 as the S4 is going to be out not too long from now...

Downrange edit: The Jelly Bean update is now out for the S2E4g. You have to be currently on FL24 and if so you can download the 500mb update and do it over your computer. It is necessary to have Keis on your computer as you need the drivers, i assume. I don't have Keis but have the samsung drivers installed.

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