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Samsung S3 Kitkat 4.4.4 - Non root PC<->SDCard Sync


Apr 20, 2011
Kitkat locks down on SD Card transfers rather drastically and many of the traditional methods of syncing files between our PCs and mobile no longer works.

Previous thread mentioned using the native samsung apps such as samsung link for transfer, but if we wish to sync files between our PCs and mobiles, especially bulk transfers?

The best method is to use Bitorrent Sync.

Step 1: Install Bitorrent Sync on PC and S3.
Step 2: Designate a folder on your PC for read-write sync and use the QR code
Step 3: Launch Sync on S3 and scan the QR code.
Step 4: Designate folder in SD Card. The path would reside in the Bittorrent Sync's directory. You can't change that because Kitkat only allows apps to access/modify their own app directory. You can create or rename the final directory though or just leave it as is.
Step 5: Turn on auto-sync on S3 Bitorrent Sync
Step 6: Test copy files into your PC sync directory and they should appear on your S3 SDcard shortly.

Your other apps such as media players...etc should be able to read from that directory. They have only read permissions available for use.


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