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samsung galaxy s3 4g lte (international)

  1. RedArmy49

    Stuck on boot, Please help

    Hi, I accidentally deleted some pics so I decided to get the Dr.Fone software. My phone is rooted. Was trying to get some pics back but the estimated time was over 3 hours so I decided to stop it. I left recovery mode and now my phone won't even start. Just stuck on the screen "Samsung Galaxy...
  2. Etwizzy

    Root Help!! I think I killed my phone

    Hello I have a problem. My phone which is a sph-l710 (Sprint). Suddenly half-died over the weekend. By half died I mean my phone is active but my antenna will not teach Sprint. (Short and sweet version of what the rep told me) through digging and research I found that where my phone used to...
  3. A

    AllShareCast Dongle - Malware ?

    No matter how many times I uninstall it, it reinstalls. Is there a way to stop it?
  4. A

    Buying a 2 year old used AT&T Samsung Galaxy s3 4g LTE could I get service through T-Mobile on it?

    The guy that's selling it said he got it brand new 2 years ago on an AT&T contract and just upgraded to a new phone a week ago and works fine. He only wants $50 for it, which is good for me financially. I've never had service through them, I always use T-Mobile. I learned that T-Mobile and at&t...
  5. Dilsarahm

    Help Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hey I'm new to android forums. Hope somebody could help me with this problem. I recently brought a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SHV-E210K) Though It seems to be a genuine version, i need to verify it. Could anybody please help me with that? Thank you.
  6. E

    Help External Speaker Android Issues

    I have a Lenco BTS-110, it's a really great speaker and it's full potential (blasting it to the max volume) on pc is amazing. However, all the Android phones that I connected to makes my speaker soft, way much softer compared to my pc. The volume difference has a huge gap when the speaker is...
  7. Etwizzy

    Root Boost vs. Sprint Galaxy S3 Question

    Morning all I have a question for anyone who can answer. I have a friend who wants their phone rooted. I've been showing them some of the functions and capabilities of my phone. I have no problem doing this however I'm wondering since boost and Sprint are so similar what will be the difference...
  8. swungspeedz

    Root Best prl boost mobile

    Best prl for boost mobile. I live in the country and dont have good service any prl that would be good for this that would help?
  9. V

    Help im in trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE about recovery

    hello all im in trouble and im thinking will be difficult to solve this unbelieve case. well lets get started: ive this Smartphone just the problem is about recovery im trying to flash a cwm recovery on this phone just the big problem i dont have the usb port "i mean that one where you connect...
  10. slugggworth100

    Help I cannot get Facebook photos to show in gallery. "Content in Facebook" is always inaccessible. help!

    I cannot get Facebook photos to show in gallery. "Content in Facebook" is always inaccessible. help!
  11. C


    Hey, basic question, after rooting your phone- which I have done successfully- can I un-install framaroot? Thanks :D
  12. mariusgmg

    samsung galaxy s3 lte

    hi,i have an question about an problem with my galaxy s3 lte display: once a day when i press the unlock button of the phone it apear for around a second the VIOLET color on the entire screen could this be an serious problem for my phone? please anyone answer me best reguards!
  13. laydevee_abn

    Help emojis

    Im running 4.3 jelly bean & my emojis look white & black on any social networks, how can i see them in color?
  14. E

    Help Can't get past "Samsung Galaxy S III" screen after updating

    I just installed the latest SGS3 update from AT&T that was released OTA 11/12/14. After installing the update it goes up to the "Samsung Galaxy S III" screen and then a black screen follows. Here's what I've tried so far with no luck: -Taking out and putting back the battery -Wiping cache...
  15. M

    Help Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE i9305 will not turn on

    Hello, 2 days ago I was using my phone as a voice recorder. It appeared to be 'locked' as the blue light to show it was recording continued to flash. However, swiping the phone, pressing the power button did nothing to the phone. I did a battery pull and tried to turn it on again. Nothing. I...
  16. X

    Root Need help!

    Okay. My Samsung S3 L710T (Tri-band) with Boost Mobile which I have rooted with Liquid Smooth, Hyperdrive and a couple of other roms. I do not have service at all and on some of the ROMs, the toggle for wifi will not turn on! I have flashed the roms with CWM and Philz and have no luck on any of...
  17. T


    My galaxy s3 4g shows that the screen is responsible for 85-90% battery consumption..... isn't it unreal? i read somewhere that it was a fault of samsung....my gs3 4g is jb 4.1.2..... every 4-5 minute 1% goes down....sometimes when connected to charger... it even goesdown..the battery...
  18. kev0055

    Samsung S3 Kitkat 4.4.4 - Non root PC<->SDCard Sync

    Kitkat locks down on SD Card transfers rather drastically and many of the traditional methods of syncing files between our PCs and mobile no longer works. Previous thread mentioned using the native samsung apps such as samsung link for transfer, but if we wish to sync files between our PCs and...
  19. kev0055

    Samsung S3 Kitkat 4.4.4 - Non root SD Card Transfer

    Kitkat places severe write restrictions on SD Cards meaning the usual ways you transfer media files to your SD card probably won't work anymore. ie. ES Explorer..etc However, pre-installed apps in S3 will not be subjected to the restrictions. Quick way (without root) to transfer files from...
  20. kev0055

    Samsung S3 Kitkat 4.4.4 Upgrade - Singapore

    Successfully upgraded Samsung Galaxy S3 Singtel GT-I9305 (*not GT-9300!) I9305XXUFNI3 Android 4.4.4 KitKat Firmware for Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 - How to Install | NasirTech | #1 Samsung Firmware Destination ROM downloaded from: KitKat 9305 | SourceForge.net Be very careful when upgrading...
  21. M

    does anyone have clockpackage.apk??

    i accidentallly remove .. now i cannot set alarm .. anyone have so i can reinstall ... :)ASAP
  22. J

    Help how to unlock sch-i535 for internet data

    I have samsung galaxy s3 cdma verizon 4.4.2 android & want to use in india on reliance cdma but call text ok but internet data not working plz guide
  23. M

    Help Can't accept cookies in default browser for Amazon Kindle

    Hi I have a user and he wants his Amazon Kindle App on his phone. The issue is that it redirects you to a page after logging into the app that says you need to enable cookies, however when you go Internet>Settings>Privacy and Security>Accept Cookies the option is greyed out. The phone is a...
  24. D

    How will i remove this transparent image on my screen,so annoying.

    How will i remove this transparent image on my screen,so annoying. i have the photo of my screen. but this site doesnt allow me to post it. just contact me and i'll send the url if you know the answer. thank you so much thanks
  25. Z

    Samsung Galaxy S3

    Dear Experts I have got Smasusng Galaxy S3 phone with latest google map,,,,Is there a way (may be an app) that can help me to find a latitude and longitude for my location if I need them ? Thanks