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Samsung Tab 2 7 or Samsung Tab 3 7


Dec 29, 2012
I have been thinking about getting an inexpensive 7" as companion for my Samsung Note 10.1.

I have been look at the Samsung Tab 2 7 inch since is it in the $200 range.

I have heard that the Samsung Tab 3 7 inch is coming out in July 7th, but the specs are not major improvement over the Samsung Tab 2 7.

Should I wait for the Samsung Tab 3 7 inch or get the Samsung Tab 2 7 inch?
From my understanding, the Tab 3 will have a little bit better graphics then the Tab 2, other then that, not alot more difference. I would wait for the Tab 3 to come out and see how much price difference and get it unless the Tab 2 is alot cheaper.

Unless you want a Samsung, I would look at the Nexus 7, which have much better specs except for no sd card port.

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