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Samsung Tablet boots but Homescreen is blank?


Apr 15, 2016
Okay I have a Samsung Tablet I am trying to get working again, I had to factory reset but
something went wrong and it doesn't show the Homescreen at all ? also when I try and
connect to my Home WIFI Network it just says "checking connection" and doesn't connect?

Any help ?
You referred to something going wrong when you tried a Factory Reset, was there any kind of error message popping up that might help reveal just what happened? Also, when you're stating there's no Home screen, is that a reference to no screens showing at all?

Try rebooting back into Recovery Mode and select the 'wipe cache partition' option this time (... and maybe try doing a Factory Reset again), and see if that makes any difference when you reboot.

If you're still not able to see any kind of Home screen at this point, you might want to try flashing the stock ROM. Go here, pick the ROM that specifically matches your model I.D. (the country) of your Tab 3 V7:
Here's more detailed instructions on the steps you need to do to flash your Tab:
Note that the Odin utility is a bit finicky as far as backwards compatibility so the latest version (3.13.1) might not work out for you as you're working on dated hardware and a older version of Android. You can try and see if it works out, or just use ver. 3.09 that is appropriate for KitKat. Multiple version downloads for Odin here:
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