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Samsung TEXT messaging app typing problems.


Feb 18, 2022
When I'm typing a new text this is what happens... I type a few letters and it puts the next set of letters in front of the text message. I can't solve this problem. This is a test to show what is happening in my texting app.

ting app rning in my teswhat is happt show you This is tex

Can somewhat help me. I'm using Samsung messages on a Note 8.
Try temporarily turning Off predictive text and or Gboard.

You can also try resetting the Samsung Keyboard which i think should resolv the issue.

When your Samsung Keyboard is open i.e while on a reply or in your Samsung Messaging app tap on the settings and then reset to default settings.
Predictive text is off. I never use it. Gboard too. I am trying reset will let you know later.
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