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Help Samsung Transform won't turn on


Aug 8, 2012
The Transform always seemed to be a little slow for me lately. Like yesterday it was running perfectly fine until the battery died. When I plugged in the charger when I got home yesterday, I tried turning it on while it was charging but it just stays on the Samsung screen for a few hours. So I would turn it back off. It was fully charged this morning so I unplugged it and it wont turn on at all. Nothing will come up on the screen unless its charging. I already tried taking out the battery for a few minutes then putting it back in but that didn't work either. Also before any of this happened sometimes it would just turn off by itself and sometimes it won't charge even with the charger in. Any ideas??
Welcome to the forums, LoopyLady! :)

I would like to ask if you have tried to charge it another way: I know the charging block on my wall charger (that little box thing you plug into the wall) failed. Verizon replaced it under warranty.

If you haven't already done so, you could try charging it via a USB port on the computer for about an hour or two. Use an entirely different cable if possible. If it turns on after an hour, we have our culprit. If not, then we can safely begin to assume it's either the phone or the battery :(
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