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Help Samsung UK CEO


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Feb 15, 2010
Newcastle, England
So, as a few people have said, the only way Samsung will ever care about what a mess they've made of things is if they receive sufficient complaints about it.

I have confirmed that stanford.s@samsung.com is the real email address direct to Simon Stanford, head of Samsung UK. I suggest that everyone in the UK who has a problem with their Galaxy S mails Mr Stanford.

Be polite, don't abuse him but make him aware how unhappy you are, how this is affecting Samsung's reputation and just how unusable the Galaxy S is in its current state.

I hold out little hope this will do any good, but it's worth a shot.
Um, so you really think that the CEO of Samsung UK is even going to be reading these?? CEO's have EA's that do this for them and I think all of these will go to the junk pile before he gets wind of his "confirmed" email address being on the net and they change his email address. That's what I would do, 2 second job to update Exchange Server.

Oh and yes I know I have a grand total of 2 posts but everyone starts somewhere, doesn't make them any less or more informed.
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I don't expect him to read these really. I just expect that he'll either see some volume or there will have to be some filtering. Some small inconvenience on his side will possibly do something imo.

In terms of changing his email address over something like this.... totally disagree with you.... There would have to be an absolute flood. Of course it's technically feasible, in fact trivial, but that doesn't magically change the address book of everyone you deal with.

Edit: Just to add, your two posts didn't make me think any more or less of your comment.
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