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Sandboxing your internet... How?


Android Expert
Mar 28, 2011
Sietch Tabr
I have recently started using Sandboxie to run Firefox. But currently Firefox only opens in the sandbox if I use the special sandboxed shortcut. If something outside of firefox calls for my web browser it opens it outside of the sandbox. And chrome only runs in the sandbox if I right click and tell it to run in the sandbox.

I would like to run any and all web browsers in the sandbox by default and require admin rights to run outside of the sandbox. Is this possible, either with Sandboxie or another sandbox. I have not yet purchased sandboxie, so I'm not stuck in with it if there is a better alternative.
Is there a way to run sandboxie from the command line? I'm guessing there is, and it would allow you to pass an argument that would open the program (firefox)

If that's the case, you should be able to edit the following Registry Key:

Mine has a value of FIREFOX.EXE... I'd think if you replaced that with the command to run sandboxie with firefox, that it would work. You might want to test this out first though (back ups and all that), I've not tried this myself.
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