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Help Saving picture sent from another phone


Apr 23, 2015
Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy Centura Android phone 4.04. My husband has a Samsung SGH-T245G. I was able to send a picture from his phone to my phone via text using my phone number. I got it and when I went to open the downloaded picture it kept saying..............Download cannot be done at this time. Try again later..........This was using the WiFi. So I changed it to Data and I was able to open the picture. I want to save that picture to My Gallery or My Photos but there is no option for this. I use a program called Photo Transfer where both my computer and phone are connected using WiFi and both must be open at the same time. It is a good program but since the picture is not saved................

I have a HP Pavilion 20 using Windows 7 Ultimate and I am using Firefox as my browser (if you needed this info) Is there a way to save the picture so it appears in the Gallery??? It is a picture of my husband's best friend who just passed away. He said if something happened to his phone he would lose the picture so this is the reason for this visit. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanking you in advance.
You can use the WiFi to send them directly to your PC.
very easy with * File Manager ASUS - Android Apps on Google Play

I use this app multiple times a day.... it is just Awesome!!

On the PC, you must create a "Share" folder, or share the whole C:\ drive
personally, I made the whole entire C:\ drive a shared folder so that I could choose easily where to send the files and documents to my PC....

but, a single "Shared Folder" like "My Documents" would suffice for what you want.
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