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Help .SBU file format

facing a somewhat similar problem.
My contacts back uo is saved as .sbu but when i try to open it through Kies, its searching only for spb. how do i convert sbu to spb??

Firstly .sbu is a backup of contacts, photos etc and .spb is only contacts, so try a complete restore of everything and kies will use the .sbu file

Here you can actually choose what you want to restore , be it contacts only or others

on the other hand to open .sbu files, you can try this for.sbu files located in your computer

Run Kies Restore and that will do a complete .sbu file extraction to a temporary directory such as:

C:\Users\{LogonName}\Documents\samsung\Kies\sbu\temp\{NumberID}\{Files Extracted}

so just open the above temp directory and copy what you need

hope this solves your problem
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I found if I ran the restore in Kies but clicked "Cancel" as soon as the first item started to transfer, the temp folder was created but nothing actually written to the phone. The temp folder was not deleted until I clicked "Complete" on the 'restore failed' dialog in Kies, so I was able to copy its contents to another folder for later browsing.
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