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Screen dark for incoming calls


Jan 19, 2022
The screen on this device no longer lights up when a call comes in soI can't answer. If I push the button to activate the screen, the call is terminated. I can't find anything about this in the settings, general or telephone, or in the help files. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone has had this problem and been able or correct it, or has a good idea, and could pass the information on.
Do you use a case? Make sure it's not covering the proximity sensor (the thing that turns the screen off during a call when you hold the phone to your ear), because that could cause the screen to go black when in a call. And see whether you have any setting in your phone app that makes pressing the power button act as a "reject call" button.
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Actually this thing started when I activated “power button ends call” < Accessibility < Settings, then decided I didn’t want it and deactivated again.

My phone doesn’t have “light/day”, only “auto-brightness” which I turned off to no effect.

I tend to think the “hardware issue” is the thing that has to be explored.

Many thanks to all of you for replying.
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