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Help Screen issues


Dec 16, 2014
I have an LG G Stylo with screen issues. Sometimes my screen shuts off and won't turn on with either the knock code or by pressing the power button. You can hear sounds like it's on and you're using apps and what not. But it won't actually turn on. Also sometimes the screen will turn off and on quickly and repeatedly when in a phone call if you pull it away from your face. I've read that it could possibly have something to do with faulty software, but I'm still waiting for the marshmallow update to be sent to my phone, the metro pcs version. Some have said that if you use a piece of folded paper to hold down the camera connector it solves the problem for other models in the G series, however with my particular model I don't think that will help because if I place the paper on the connector then the metal part on the motherboard cover cannot touch the metal on the camera connector. I am not certain as to whether or not that matters, seeing as I am not all that familiar with how these things function. But I would guess that it is important since I can't imagine that the metal pieces would be there for no reason. I've yet to do a hard reset because I'd like to avoid that if possible. But I'm not seeing much else choice at this point. But if I do that, and the problem persists then I'm officially out of ideas. I've searched the net in depth to find a solution via youtube video or AF article, etc. to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I adore this phone save for this one issue.
I think you have the battery gap issue. That is, you may need to place some thin pieces of paper on the opposite side of the battery contacts. This ensures a better connection with the battery and phone contacts. It will make it a bit harder to pull off the battery during freezes. That should help with the random screen shutdowns.
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