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Help Screen unresponsive to touch after device is not used for a while


Mar 26, 2015
I bought my lg g flex 2 about a 2 week ago however recently (this week) I have experienced this problem everyday this week, the problem is that the touch screen will stop responding, if you do a soft reset on the phone about 3 or 4 times it will start working. Is there a permanent solution?
I have had my lg g flex 2 for three weeks now last week I started experiencing a problem where after charging my phone over night in the morning the touch screen becomes unresponsive I tried charing it then turning it off when I finished but I get the same issue, to fix it I have to reset the phone but each time it takes more resets to make the touch screen this morning I restarted my phone 6 times before it worked.
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Hi @Oubbz :) I see you've asked this before but sadly didn't get much help. Sorry.

When you say "reset" the phone, I take it you mean power cycle the phone? Forcing a reboot? Not a factory reset, correct?
After charging you can wake the phone up with the power button and you can see the lock screen but you can't get past that?

Has it always exhibited this behavior or did it start all of a sudden? If a process is locking up the phone, it could be fixed by removing the offending app (is it's from an installed app) or you could try a full factory reset. If it still does this after a factory reset, then I'd have to assume it's a hardware issue and you should get it replaced. under warranty :(
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