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Root "SD card blank or has unsupported file system"


Dec 25, 2013
So I recently got a 64 gb micro SD for my Kyocera Event. It is a Sandisk Ultra, the type specifically advertised as being for the event.
After first inserting it, I got this error and the event offered to format it. I did, but the error persisted. I then formatted the card in windows, first with the windows utility and then with the SD association program.
The card still does not work in my Event; I get the same error.
The card does store information from the computer with no problem. In addition, I have a 2 gb SD card that works fine in the event, so I tried to copy and paste all the data from it into the 64 gb card. The card still shows up as blank.
I thought there might be a problem with the phone's software, so I backed up and reset the phone. Still nothing.
I have to be missing something obvious. Help?

Update: I formatted the card in FAT32, and this error went away. However, the card still will not mount.


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