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In my Nexus One days I regularly used a Class 10 32GB MicroSD as my primary application storage. I can't say that it was great for performance, but it was done out of necessity (the N1 had 512MB of internal storage total - so closer to 200MB available for apps and their data) and it worked mostly fine. I formatted a ~16GB partition of the card to ext4 and essentially symlinked that partition to /data. It was a messy hack, but it did work just fine.

I wouldn't do that unless you absolutely needed to (like if you don't have much storage available), but it is a perfectly workable solution - just make sure that you use a fast (Class 10 or so) card.
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I have a very long integrated Microsoft and in the earlier Years O/S 2 mentality. You throw in another harddrive format and off you go. So that was my reasoning behind the question. With Unix I know what root is, how to change directories, get a file list, and mount a drive (true Unix) then I am basically clueless. I did play with Red Hat I liked it allot.
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