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sdcardbackup folder invisible in internal storage folder


Aug 1, 2011
I used Smart Switch to transfer data from my old phone to my S21 Ultra. It created a folder as a sub-folder of Internal Storage called sdcardbackup in which it put some or all (I'm not clear which at the moment) of the contents of the old phone's SD card. However, this folder is not listed when I look at the contents of Internal Storage in My Files. I can only see it when I run an analysis of storage used and find that it contains around 10GB of video. How can I make this folder fully visible in My Files so that I can sort through its contents and place them in more appropriate places?
Ditch My Files.

The stock utility apps are there to get you by until you find something better.

Personally, I use Simple Mobile Tools to replace all stock utility apps.

Not only are they easier to use than the stock apps, they do so much more that you will wonder why THEY are not the stock apps built into every device.

Here is a series of links, showing what Simple Mobile Tools is about- and the otgers are kinks to the individual apps that will help you out with this immediate issue.

The apps work seemlessly together.


Sorry if this post sounds like a sales ploy, lol.
I gain nothing from promoting the developer's work, I just think that the apps are great.
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