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Help Security Warning with Mail app


Nov 26, 2009
Okay so I just got my Eris and I love it except for one thing, I can't sync my exchange server because I get this warning:

Security Warning

There are problems with the security certificate for this site.

X: This certificate is not from a trusted authority

THEN it gives me three options Continue, View, Cancel

When I hit continue, it thinks for a minute and pops back up. View brings me to a viewing screen and then after you hit okay, back to the same warning screen and cancel. . . well cancels.

I'm not a big tech person but I've looked around the found and haven't found anyway of going around this issue. Any Suggestions!?
This is a result of your corporation using an in house Certificate Authority to provide SSL encryption on your mail server and clients.

Basically....the computer that issued the certificate isn't trusted by the android phone. I'm new to android so I'm not sure if you can add a trusted CA (I haven't seen any options for it).

I don't know about future updates like the above poster mentioned.

Most companies will purchase a certificate from one of the major Certificate Authorities on the internet, which are pre-programed into most operating systems to be trusted. Internal CA's are trusted by the domain environment at your work, but not by anyone else. External (Internet) CA's are trusted by everyone.

if you want an example, open up IE (gross I know) and go to your options. Click the content tab, then there should be a button label certificates. inside the certificates window select Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

That is a list of all the builtin trusted CA's provided by Microsoft and the companies that govern the internet.
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Yes the problem is with the phone, as it will not allow me to install the root cert from the CA into the phone. I work for a phone company and have used self signed CA certs for numerous different phones. All of which required you to install the self signed CA root cert into the phone. The problem with the Eris is I can't find a way to install the root cert. Most phones will let you place the cer file on the phone then install it. The Eris will not except cer crt or a xml formated CAB. If anyone out there can figure this out please post here. The issue may reside in the app that browses the files. Astro does not recagnize the file types, but ES File explorer recagnizes the cab file type. Using ES I thought I had the issue fixed as it installed the file once. Then after an update to the phone it quit working.

Note if you go to the menu from the desktop then settings and data sync and exchange active sync then sync now, and press continue through all the cert errors eventually it will go through. Then the phone will sync on its own for a day or two then quit again. Do the process over and it works for a day or two.

Note I also run the domain CA and can generate new certs if anyone has something to test. I have not tried to mark the key as exportable, does anyone know if this is required on this phone.
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Here is the deal with the two day. It has nothing to do with a time interval. Its when my phone comes in the office and sees the exchange server direct. Issue being that my proxy server uses a wildcard cert because it proxies for more than just the exchange. Exchange has a cert with is FQDN in it. When my phone sees the other cert it breaks the sync. Easy fix put the same wildcard cert on the exchange and all is fine. Run through a sync approving all cert errors and the phone will work fine. However I still contend that this would not be a problem if I could install the root cert. One reason being what if I want to browse a corperate website that uses our domain CA.
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