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Sensor Inputs to Android??


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Aug 15, 2011
I got this new app I found. Ulysses Speedometer.

WOW what a gorgeous app. I can't buy it yet (it won't let me says not compatible even though it it I am running the free version Grrr)

but I LOVE IT. gorgeous gorgeous app.

it got me thinking. We virtually have all we need to install glass cockpits in our cars now. instead of an instrument cluster we put in some LCD Displays and our instruments display on THOSE.

this app gives me the basics. speed max speed distance today and trip. altitude time date etc..

I want more. what about water temperature? fuel Level?

is there a gizmo that can take multiple sensor inputs from your car's gauges and render them as digital gauges on the screen.

it would take some customizing off course ie calibration. ok temp is this for this voltage reading temp is this for this voltage reading now it can calibrate a "scale"

same for fuel. I have 10 gallons voltage reading is this. I have 5 gallons voltage reading is this I have 1 gallon voltage reading is this. Calibrate a scale.

does anything like this exist? I am imaging a small black box that you plug your gizmo's and either via usb or bluetooth the device sends these "data channels" to your android phone and then people can make software to receive and interpret these data channels.

anything like this exist? suggestions?

you can get decent little 7" wide screen android taps for under $90 on deal extreme.

what about an app that "wakes up" the display when external power is applied and "puts the device" to sleep when power is off for X amount of time say 30 seconds.

this way I can just wire it into the car and let it turn on and off with the car. the battery should hold long enough for the typical time between "drives" if it goes to sleep mode when off.

the tech is SO CLOSE and SO affordable now that I can taste it !!


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