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setting up 2nd phone w/less storage


Jan 4, 2019
I just got a cheapo 2nd phone I plan to keep in the car and charged for emergencies.

I don't suppose I can import a backup from my phone which has so many apps on it, that the backup wouldn't fit on the new phone.

But I would love to somehow save time in setting up this new phone. Is there a way to:
Perhaps just import settings? And selected apps?

My phone is a Moto G7 (64GB storage), the cheapo 2nd phone is a Unimax UMX U693CL (16GB storage) that costs me nothing.
Well there is Google's export/import functionality buried in the Settings menu but when you're dealing with such different phones (one being Motorola, the other Unimax) there are also going to be differences in each phone's Settings. Manufacturers, and carriers, tend to customize and brand their products so even if both phones happen to be running the same version of Android, there will be options and features in each phone's Settings that correlate directly with the specific hardware configuration of each phone.
On a superficial level both phones may appear to be at least similar, but internally each phone has its own unique hardware.
Take the time to just set up that Unimax accordingly, it's a long-term benefit to get it set up properly. Even if it is just a secondary, car phone, there's a big difference in getting a phone to do what you need it do efficiently and when there is an emergency, vs just having it available but it may or may not be able to actually function properly when you need it.
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