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Help Several Android issues

Hi All,

I had some issues with the battery and storage before, that I did not pay much attention to. Today, my phone reached 3% of charging and just restarted. After the restart, I have the following issues:

  1. The lock screen do not work, although the password option is set, and it was working before.
  2. The home and App overview buttons are not working (software ones). Only the back button is working.
  3. I can not download anything from the Google play store (always pending).
  4. If I set a wallpaper, this setting disappears after restarting.
I have restarted the phone several times, with no luck. Afterwards, I have deleted many files, apps, and apps data (including that of Google play and Google play services), and I got about 1.5 GB free storage. However, all the above issues are still there, although the phone just became slightly faster than before.

Please kindly help to solve those issues.

Thanks in advance.

#LG_Stylo_2, #Home_Button, #Lock_Screen, #Google_Play_store
This is a six year old phone, with a disappointing aspect to Android phones being planned obsolescence. Smartphones age quicker so while a six year old refrigerator is still quite dependable, it's sadly not surprising your LG Stylo 2 is starting to fail. Your model does come with a user-replaceable battery and I was going to suggest you try replacing the battery to hopefully gain a little more usage-life but given all the additional problems you're experiencing I don't know if this phone is worth even a new battery (it's not definitive that will actually make any difference). Putting more money into this phone might be better diverted to buying a new phone that just works as is.
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