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ShapeWriter Keyboard: Awesome!


Aug 1, 2010
Best text input method out there! Shame it's been removed from the Market. Hopefully it will be back soon.
Excellent interpretation of the shape drawn on the keyboard including picking up options from neigbouring letters if you don't quite hit the right letter with your stoke. Very easy to pick up quickly.
The only draw back I've found is that the keyboard seems a little limited in the extra symbols it offers - but then maybe I just haven't found them all yet.
It's just like graffiti but for words instead of letters so very much quicker.
Having tried it for free I'd even splash out and buy it if I had to!
Any idea why it's not on the market any more? I was going between this and Swype Beta, then chose to stick with Swype without removing ShapeWriter. Good thing I didn't, since Swype stopped working on me and the Beta's closed making it impossible to reinstall just now. Went back to ShapeWriter and I forgot how convenient the "alternative suggestions" it offers are compared to Swype. Just wish the keyboard itself didn't take up so much real estate on my screen. When the Swype beta comes back, I might just go back to it because I like the UI better.
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Been using ShapeWriter for months...it is AWESOME. However, I can't get it to upgrade or repurchase since it isn't in the market and it has been disabled on my Eris.

I am praying for an alternative because this whole mysterious "it's off the market" stuff (rumors are they developers sold to someone so they are probably planning their monetizing strategy).

Anyway...to pull off the market with no support or info...please someone come and compete with them so I can buy your keyboard versus ShapeWriter (or whatever the mystery product will come to be). I don't know why but this really pisses me off...

No Swype, no ShapeWriter. WTF? Someone give me an alternative to either of them so I can promote the hell out of it! Thanks.

In the meantime...anyone have any altertative to the CRAPPY default keyboard?
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The app has been acquired by Nuance and I hope they don't kill it.

Since they don't have a competing app, they probably won't kill it. But surely its not going to be free.

Besides, what's to worry about? [SARCASM] Nuance did such a great job with the Android voice command software.[/SARCASM]


Nuance Communications is pleased to announce that ShapeWriter, Inc. is now part of Nuance. The ShapeWriter continuous touch application has joined Nuance's portfolio of patented text input solutions recognized as the industry's leading predictive text technology. As we bring Shapewriter into the Nuance family, please note that we are suspending downloads of the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile applications. Please stay tuned to this site for future product updates.
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