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Root SholesMod Battery Pulls


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Nov 10, 2009
I have been getting quite a few Blank Screen's daily, Cant do nothing with the phone. Have to pull the battery, I feel like i have a BB again. Is anybody else having any issues with this build. Nothing has changed on the phone, no new apps, running OC at 800/250. I guess it is time to update to the latest and greatest.

SholesMod 157 (2.0.6)
Do you care to elaborate on that? Still a little green on this Root Deal.:cool:

The Sholes Team had a big legal issue with the person who made the SholesROM Updater not giving them the money for the Donate verison of the app, so they started over again and called it DroidMod.

You can head over to http://droidmod.org/ and download the DM Updater APK file for free and update to DroidMod 1.0.
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