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Sim Card Problem?


Dec 18, 2020
I was on a call yesterday at home 2 ft away from the modem and the call dropped, then a message came up on the screen "device not activated for voice" or similar to that. Phone would not work. I replaced the sim card at carriers store but seems the wifi isn't working anymore. I used to have the phone handset icon appear at the top right with the wifi signal. That handset icon no longer is there. When activating wifi originally i got a code from my carrier and all was good. Now with the new sim card my wifi is on, I have the wifi icon on the top right and the modem shows in my settings, however that little handset icon is gone and needless to say all calls today have cut out. I can be 2 ft away from the modem and I fade in and out. I am thinking that even though the phone shows wifi... it really isn't connecting. I do not have the option now to get a code from my carrier as for whatever reason is beyond me.. it was automatic when first setting up now it isn't. My phone carrier has no personal support, and the forum for that carrier isn't answering my request. I am a senior citizen living alone and I have got to have this phone operating correctly. Does anyone have any idea why it would recognize the wifi and modem.. but not work at all and where did my little handset icon go to? Thank you in advance for any help... this is so important right now.
Yes I meant the router....I have turned wifi off and on.. same with bluetooth and funny when this happened the wifi and bluetooth switched to off and airplane mode turned on. I don't know if my internet provider will accept a DNS change on my phone cause I am not savvy enough . I might add that I am in Canada so carriers of course are different. I don't have a clue what to do. The phone is now sporadic at best. I read about the Google DNS but that scares me as I may end up with nothing. Can't keep up with this tech stuff at all.
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Well I’m in the uk, so carriers will definitely be different from mine.

But you say the phone went into airplane mode? That will definitely explain the dropped call. Not sure what could cause that except accidentally touching the toggle.

For the current problem I’m guessing that you have poor cellular coverage and lose signal if you move too far from a window, and that you are not using WiFi calling at all. That would at least explain calls dropping if you move a couple of feet and still have a WiFi connection. But I can’t really help with WiFi calling as I don’t know what this code from a carrier is about: if I want to use WiFi calling I just go into my network settings and enable WiFi calling, no codes or interaction with my carrier required (and my WiFi itself is nothing to do with my carrier: I get my broadband from a different provider).

Maybe if you tell us who your carrier is there’s a chance someone else will be familiar with them?
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I didn't toggle airplane mode..it did that when the call dropped. I am using bell canada router. Originally when connecting to wifi with my koodo phone provider when toggling wifi on koodo had to send me a code to activate it. That doesn't happen now. I changed dns1 and dns2 to and It whatever it was but deleting the original it defaulted to the google dns numbers. Went to save those and it just went back to the original numbers that were there. This is ridiculous. You have to be an engineer to just get phone service. I have nothing. The cell tower is quite a distance away and prior to connecting to wifi I had to go outside to use phone....and now have to once again. Yes cell service is terrible here but the wifi did the trick. Just wish to get it back. It does work for my laptop...strictly the phone is the problem.
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