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SIM Change Alert via SMS on Nexus 5

Not that I'm aware of, or at least I've never gotten a message when switching SIM cards.

I have Sprint as a carrier, and I know they have to register the phone on their networks first before switching SIM cards will do anything other than preventing my phone from working. I imagine you could (with quite a bit of effort) hack a phone to get it to change carriers, depending on the carrier, etc.

In effect though, all the SIM card is for me is another set of authentication strings.
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Nexus devices are more or less intended to be rooted, and I don't believe rooting the Nexus 5 voids its warranty. There are some very easy was to go about doing it, even keeping everything nice and stock (what I prefer) but with the added functionality and customizability that rooting provides. I've done this with three different Nexus 5s so far without any issues: http://androidforums.com/nexus-5-al...-5-easy-rooting-guide-using-cf-auto-root.html
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