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Simultneous voice and data?


Apr 21, 2010
Being 4g, can we assume both the RAZR and G-Nex will be capable of doing simultaneous voice and data? This is a #1 top priority for me due to my job. :)

I currently have the Thunderbolt and it works great, but from the reading I've done, HTC or Qualcomm did some unique things to get it to work. Not sure if other companies are doing similar things or not...
My assumption is that no/yes is the answer.

NO: The Qualcomm chips in the TBolt allow this on a 3G data connection - it's called SVDO (Simultaneous Voice/Data). No other phone currently supports this. There's a *reasonable* chance the the Vigor/Rezound will (also being Qaulcomm based).

Yes: However, any LTE phone can do this while using LTE (or wifi) data as it's a different radio.

If this is a critical feature to you and you don't have solid LTE then you should probably be looking at the Vigor.
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You'd probably be ok on LTE and VZW is pushing it out fast - they're actually ahead of their deployment schedule.

The Vigor looks pretty nice and will actually have a higher dot pitch display than anything else including the GNex (though it's S-LCD) but I fear it'll have lousy battery and the CPU/GPU aren't as good either. I can see why they're hyping Beats... I'll be getting the Razr myself. :D
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I would confirm this at the store. I recall reading an article on Anadtech that mentioned that yes the Bionic can do both, while phones like Samsung Charge cannot? And they go deep into the science of why. So double check.

Unless you mean confirm it by trying it, I'm thinking it'd be a waste of breath. I wouldn't trust information from any sales rep I've dealt with. I'm sure there are good ones out there, but there are way more that would just tell you whatever they think you want to hear.
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