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Size of Resolution in Developers Options

Ostrich Man

Dec 23, 2021

I'll begin by telling you what I did. So i had And. 11 on my phone and I upgraded to And. 12. Everything went well and I seen some new features. Well my screen resolution was new and great, everywhere as in settings and all had new resolution, all the fonts and everything were smaller. Now when I turned Developers Options off all the text font , all went back to big text. Now because I turned off Developers options and this happened, its not a simple as font size setting. Ive looked up and down in Developers Options to no avail, any ideas?
Just to clarify, are intending to manage the font size and display resolution using the Settings >> Display menus or the Developer options menu?
Offhand it seems like you should be focusing on using the Settings menu options if you're going to toggle Developer options off and on.
Also, curious as to why are you turning Developer options off?
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