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Slow Internet


Apr 3, 2023

Currently, my internet is quite slow, which is affecting my workflow. I am on BT.

I have come across this article as to reasons why:

While it seems useful it feels like i'm missing something.

Any Advice?

Thank You.
Weird link: your graphic talks about backing up files, which is nothing to do with the content.

Anyway, I don't think anyone will be able to say much on the basis of what you've told us: that your internet is slow and that you are using BT. That's very little to go on. Does it affect all devices or just one? What do you mean by "quite slow" and how does it compare with whatever package you have? Have you used BT's tools to check your connection speed? This is now in the "My BT" app, and will tell you the speed to your hub as well as from the hub to the device. What sort of connection do you have (if it uses the copper wires you may suffer slowdowns when too many people are using them, fibre to the premises should be more reliable for that)? The more information you can give the more chance someone will be able to help.
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