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"Smart Lock" Trusted Location is unreliable

Ed Derz

May 17, 2017
I noticed that there have been other posts on this subject but nothing recent. So I thought I'd restart with some twists.

There is much written on this problem with suggested fixes, I won't repeat them here. An example of one of the more through solution processes is here
The conclusion I draw after following several is that the feature is flakey. Nothing will fix it (except possibly google taking it seriously). My guess it is the design depends on perfect atmospherics for the GPS, food Wireless coverage, etc. The fix would likely involve loosening things up a bit (wider radius, more retries, etc)

I saw one great suggestion that perhaps the location could be based on your WiFi connection being stable. That makes a lot of sense as an additional methodology. Whether you are at home or work, people that don't leave in castles or large offices make a WiFi connection and keep it.

So how do we get Google to consider an enhancement?, either to loosen Trusted Location or add WiFi location to Smart Lock.
This bug isn't fixed. The only workaround I had was setting multiple pins near my home since I only needed to be in the kitchen instead of the living room and it failed. If it's literally 10 ft away from even your home address for your home location it acts like you're two blocks away.

I don't think it's all Google's fault, though. The location chips and A-GPS aren't perfect and drift a lot. There was one phone I had long ago that thought I was in another country, and gave me UK weather.
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I also use 2 pinned locations, but it doesn't fix the issue. (In one post, I read of a person with 5 pinned locations in a failed attempt to solve.)

So, how difficult would it be for Google to permit you to select a wider radius?

I know my GPS is impacted by cloud cover, and my 4G stinks ( 5 G not available near my home). Hence the WiFi alternative.
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Well, I might have found a solution, but it is specific to Samsung phones. There might be similar capabilities in other phones.

On my S22, there is an ability to Create routines that preform tasks given conditions. It is part of the "Bixby" assistant.

So within the Routine "App", I created a a place called Home and defined it based on a google map street address with a radius of 200 meters (just to be safe) and identifying my home WiFi network by name. So if Google maps think I am within that circle, or the named WiFi is available, I am "at home"

Then I created a Routine that is defined as IF arriving at home THEN do not lock phone(for up to 4 hours). Seems to be working. I'll update otherwise.

I still think Google should address this by making WiFi connections an option for Smart Lock!
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