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SmartStay not available in new 4.3 version???

I have the i9300 version of the S3, and am with EE (T-Mobile) in UK
I had the dreadful upload of 4.3 and then the 4.3 patch the other day.
Since getting this patch, I've noticed the screen switching off rather quickly, even when I'm reading a text etc, which is very irritating.

So, I've been to Settings, Display and found there is NO mention of SmartStay any longer, so I can't check if it's enabled or disabled.

Can anyone confirm if SmartStay has maybe been removed from 4.3 or perhaps it's been moved to another menu???

Now, I have to set the screen to stay awake for longer, just so that I can get to read a text through without it switching off. What a waste of battery power on the occasions I don't need extended display time.

I'd be grateful for any help, please. Thanks very much
Thanks Rukbat, but this was one of the features of the S3 and it did make a difference. As I said, just since getting the 4.3 patch, this feature no longer is working.

I don't feel that an upgrade should remove such features, especially seeing as it was a significant feature in the specifications of the phone.

I'm hoping someone, with the 4.3 patch downloaded, can explain how I can enable this feature.

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