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SMB link from QR


Aug 26, 2022
Hi All,

I don't have a lot of experience with android, so I'll just outline what I'm trying to achieve, and what I've tried so far.

I work at a company that makes custom furniture, and we label every part individually.
The label contains a QRcode, I want to scan that code on my phone, and it should open a PDF on a local server.

When I (test) scan a Sharepoint-link this way, it brings me to the PDF perfectly, however, I cant use sharepoint links for this, as all files are automatically placed on this local server.

I think the QR-code should be
- smb://server/folder/filename.pdf
However, without 3rd party software it just opens the link like a textfile.

there are several apps that should add this functionality, but the problem so far is:
I can connect to the server in the app fine, but it still wont open de smb:// link
(smart File Manager/File Commander/Cx File Explorer)
I cannot connect to the server in the app, but it does open the smb:// link in the app.

My question:
Is there a way to manually open all scanned QR-codes with a smb:// link in a certain app?

Thanks in advance!


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