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So, I lost my phone.

I suspect I left it on a train last night. I've called the TOC and I'm waiting them to get back to me.

Let's be honest, somebody probably has it and has wiped it by now. If they did a factory restore, am I stuffed? That being said, can it still be tracked? If they have set the phone up to WiFi / put a new SIM in it, is it possible for the mobile carrier to ascertain WHO has it?

Or indeed, the user him/herself.
If you don't get it back you can report it as lost or stolen, that will blacklist it from getting cell service.

You can locate a lost Android phone with Android Device Manager - it has been added to every Android phone running 2.2 or higher. For this to work it must be connected to a network and not have been wiped yet.

Android Device Manager lets you locate your device on Google Maps in a browser, and you can ring your device for five minutes. You can also use it to wipe personal data, if you set it up in the Google Settings app on your device before hand.

Android Device Manager:

How to use:
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So if they've done a factory reset I'm stuffed in terms of finding it via any app that was on the phone?

What if I contact the network provider, can they only block it or can they track it? Or is it a case of having to get the police involved / court order for that? Not being funny, whoever found it could have sold it by now, and then someone else owns it and it's not their fault.
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