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So Moto has released the Wood back panels


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Jul 21, 2010
Under your bed
Not much else to say other than go to motomaker and see fo yo self!

They are $100 more than any other back, they are marked as delayed shippment and only one option so far (light wood grain) - honestly I could care less, but I know others were excited for them to come out.

Also some articles out there if you search on Google. :smokingsomb:
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I'd really have to see it in person, first. After experiencing vehicle interiors which had both high and low quality wood veneer, the difference is pretty dramatic.

Needless to say, the wood backing on the X would have to look pretty good, but I do think it's a fun and neat option. They should definitely continue with this.
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It's cool in that it's different, but I still don't understand this mainstream desire to make EVERYTHING organic. I like my technology sleek, metallic, smooth, sexy ... not organic. If I want the woods, I go camping. I made my decision on the trim level of my new car based on cheesy fake carbon fiber trim vs. cheesy fake wood grain trim.

I certainly do not want a wood phone. But again that's just me.
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