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Root So, now what?


Jan 15, 2012
Just moved to the S4 an decided to root my S2 just for fun and because I haven't before rooted anything.

I don't get it! Looks, feels, and acts exactly the same so what am I missing? What can I now do with it that doesn't take too much tech knowledge?

I was hoping that perhaps now that I have "root access" whatever, wherever, and however that's done, I could find and move some things over to my new phone that I couldn't find previous like ringtones, notifications, applications, and such. That possible?

You can install apps that require root permission, use a custom recovery to flash mods/tweaks to your phone, and install custom ROMs.

If you use a file-organization app (I use file expert), you can easily find those and transfer them onto a sim card to transfer over to your new phone.
Or transfer them to your desktop to your new phone.
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Thanks for the reply! Hmmm, File Expert, eh? Seems you can't really get to the "root" unless you buy their plugin for $5, that ain't happenin'! Not that I have any clue what I'm doing, I really only rooted my old phone because I thought if I screwed it up, no loss. Then I thought maybe I could find things that appear to be locked to the phone and move them over to the new one by rooting it and that by rooting it, it may actually let me extract them. Still can't find them: screen savers, ringtones, and such so I can copy them over. Wherever the actual root-access is that may shed light to where they are, because I assume they're hidden and locked to the phone, I can't find it. Far be it for me to read up on this stuff.
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