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Social Media App


Nov 2, 2010
This is my first shot at an android app

Started work today building an app that will communicate with the mobile pages of my Social & Business Network

idea behind app is to have a simlple way to move around our mobile site from an application on your phone

we currently have all these features we would like to code in to an application

1. Multilingual interface
2. Search for profiles
3. Browse members who viewed your profile
4. Mail box: check new, reply or remove messages
5. Fiend requests: check new, accept or decline friend requests
6. Browse friend's profiles
7. Send favourites
8. Send greetings
10. Block and unblock profile
11. Profile general info
12. "WAP usage" thumbnail when user is on-line using mobile phone
15. View photos 16. Simple messenger
17. Change profile status and status text
18. Upload photos
19. View events
20. Chat alerts
21. Blogs (new)

Looking to make an add supported free version and a paid advert free version

as this is my first app build im using android app inventor and cannot work some of it out ive search the net but cannot find any answers

I trying to build a simple table with an iframe to load web pages when buttons are clicked in the menu made digram below of basic look get a beta tested and build it up from there


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