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Help Soft Reset w/o screen shot

yah don't release the keys until the phone has shut off. It will only take a screen shot when you lift your fingers

I don't mean to be rude but this information is wrong. Letting the buttons go has nothing to do with anything.

Pressing PWR&Vol- (at the same time) will take a screen shot after a few seconds. A few more seconds after that and the phone will hard reset(simulated battery pull) If you are wanting to do the hard reset, and do not want to take a screen shot, then CooperLA1 is correct. You must not press them at the same time. Press and hold one, then a split second later press and hold the other. Then hold until phone resets. It doesn't matter which you hold first, PWR or Vol- As long as they aren't pressed together and held long enough, your phone will reset without a screen shot being taken.
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