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Solid Explorer cannot access local ftp


May 28, 2021

I am running "FTP Server - Multiple FTP users" on an Android tv box, on my home network without external access, and it works well, I can access it using two Windows computers and a Linux one, so all is good with that app.
The problem is solid explorer on a Samsung S9, S7 and a S4 mini. In the app I tap new cloud connection > ftp > ip address > port 2121 anonymous user and connect. The ftp server shows a user logged in, but solid explorer is just "connecting" with a continuos spinning circle and never shows the directory contents.
I purchased solid explorer many years ago and am convinced there is a setting I have overlooked when adding the ftp connection.
Have you tried using just

>ftp > IP address

and leaving out the port number entirely? Since you're already using Solid's ftp client to connect to an existing ftp server, adding the server's ftp port might be creating some kind of negotiation/connection mix up.
That did not work for me if I leave the port number blank it inserts a three as the port number.
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