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SOLVED Can I disable ALL notifications but texts?


Mar 19, 2017
I've got a Samsung A21 (not A20 but that was the closest match in the site's list) with Android 10 using Boost Mobile (US), and it didn't take me long to grow to hate it, or at least Android 10! I get roughly 150 utterly trivial notifications per day -- complete with sound! It notifies me of completely worthless info such as "this app has permission to overlay other apps". That would be fine if I only got it once, but I get it around 20 times per day!

The only notification I want is for incoming texts. Nothing else. I realize certain emergency notifications can't or shouldn't be disabled, but what about all those other 85 or so other apps? I tried disabling notifications from a few of the most annoying apps, but the next time I restarted my phone, all the notifications were back

Can I shut them all up permanently except for texts?

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Yep, the only thing that I want my phone to do is ring for a phone call and give me a text notification.
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