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[Solved]Can you help me find the perfect messenger


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Nov 1, 2011
Hi guys, sorry I've been gone a while. I need some input and couldn't find a good place for this question. I've been using VZW for a really too long long time. I finally got tired of it and went to project Fi. I feel I will be here more often again but that's not the point.

On VZW I used "message+" for SMS/MMS. There is a built in feature in it that will allow me to set up auto driving mode association with my motorcycle helmet. This will then allow me to whitelist specific contacts (my wife, boss and coworkers) to automatically recieve a "glympse" showing my location and rate of speed; if they send me any messages while I am wearing my helmet requiring no inputs from me at all.

I cannot use this app on Fi as it will not let me recieve MMS messages, I have exhausted troubleshooting on that. I really need a texting app that will:

Detect my helmet (using Bluetooth not speed, I don't want this on in my cars/truck)

Auto reply only to pre selected contacts while I ride
Include at least location info, preferably speed as well.

Require absolutely no input from me. This is important, I cannot use speech recognition at speed, cannot use my hands, and just may be dead/unable to move enough to get to my phone.

Any advice on an app that will likely work with Fi and meet my requirements?

Thanks a ton!

After a ton of research I found a way to do almost all of it with "MacroDroid".
1. Set new macro with trigger by SMS received by selected contacts.
2. Set up action reply SMS location to received SMS number
3. Set action reply (I'm riding/driving please call if it's urgent) text to recieved SMS number.
4. Set constraint to Bluetooth event device connected, helmet/car etc. Make sure to use the [or] toggle.

This will send a location and text reply via Android stock messenger and a Google maps pin.

5. Disable macrodroid persistent notification (Android Oreo or newer) because it's annoying

6. Set up second macro to display driving or location notification on bar when selected Bluetooth devices are connected so you know it's working.

What it still can't do: send speed/direction data like a messenger with glymps integration

What I would like to figure out now is how to make it toggle on an announce caller by name function only when connected to my helmet but I haven't had time. This was something driving mode built into my last phone could do and not a feature of the messenger app I had to replace so I will tackle it when I get to it.

Thanks for your help and I hope this helps some else.
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I got nothin...
It's a tough one right? Super bummed it can't recieve MMS through Fi's network. Anyone can use it on the major carriers, and most of the folks that ride with me have switched to it even on ATT phones with no issues. We live in a place with specific but unpredictable traffic points and lots of forest to go down in and not be noticed. Its nice we could all have each other's backs and pull location on a missing guy in the morning.

Any idea if something like Tasker could be set up to accomplish a job like this outside of messaging apps?
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