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Some old Apple stuff

Oregon Trail was the most popular //e game i remember from my days of grade school, followed by Odell Lake in 2nd place, and Jenny's Journeys in third (for some reason i cannot find that last one anywhere online even on abandonware sites.)

Other favorites consisted of:

Number Munchers

Spell-a-vators (like Journeys, impossible to find online)

Borrowed Time (high school had one //e left alive, apparently it was a mature game and never seen in lower grades--this one acted like a text-adventure RPG with some graphical elements above the command window)
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when our school got the then-new IIgs units (eventually phasing out the //e's entirely by 5th grade) the //e games simply got ported to the 3.5" disks. i remember how turbo-speed the oxen in Oregon Trail were. you could literally speed-play it in five minutes because the game ran in overspeed due to the hardware in the IIgs. I didn't get to experience Carmen Sandiego until i had my first PC (was one of the many games included with it) other games i played often then included Super Solvers Midnight Rescue, Flight Simulator 3.x, Accolade's Test Drive, Silent Service, Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon (you needed a college degree to get through that one!) and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

I also had the disks to the first internet system i used, Prodigy Service (NOT Prodigy Internet which came later)

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