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Help Some PDFs not readable. Anyone else with this problem?


Oct 29, 2010
Some PDF files are not readable, either from the email they arrived in or saved and opened from the SD card. This is a critical feature for me as I receive important faxes in PDF format.

This problem is appearing on an S3 and S2 with ICS and an S2 w/GB

Any help would be appreciated.

I have the problem partially figured out. There is no problem with the pdf file, it is the ICS email client. What is happening is that the name of the attachement is getting modified and it drops the .pdf extension. So even though the client shows the attachment with the Acrobat logo, when it feeds it to Adobe or Polaris it is not recognized since it lacks the extension.

I proved this by saving the file, renaming it with the .pdf extension and then opening it and it works fine. Also if I forward the email to gmail, the gmail client has no problems with the attachment as it doesn't screw up the name.

So now my question is : Is there a fix for the email client on Samsung's ICS? This seems like a really stupid bug!

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