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Root Soorry but i need some help and dont know how to post a question and is kind of an emergency


Dec 24, 2012
Well yeah i have a samsung galaxy ace gt5830, basically the problem is that last night i was using the root explorer to delete some files because its been a couple of months since my phone keeps telling me that the memory is nearly full; ok i was doing this and apparrently i deleted some important files. Now the phone turns on itself, and when it does just access the recovery mode and i cant shut it down. I really dont know what to do since i dont know almost anything about android. I already tried to wipe the data and reset it to factory configuration but that doesnt do anything with the phone. Please help me with this i would be really grateful.
If you were deleting app from the system/app directory to make more space in the internal memory then your just wasting your time.
Deleting system apps does not increase free internal memory space, you might just get a little bit of more space just because the data of those apps was also deleted along with the app and that free up some space.
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