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Source For Downloading .APKs: Recommendations?


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Aug 12, 2010
Paoli PA, USA
I am rebuilding my tablet in order to recover from a major WiFi problem and, as I go, want to download the .APK for each app I install, then install from the .APK, and keep all the .APKs on a NAS box against the day when I have to do this again.

Right now, I'm just Google-ing appnames/versions and taking the first plausible hit.

But it seems like I'm asking to get burned doing this - malware and all that.

Can anybody recommend sources they know and trust?
Why not just download them from the play store and then back them up with one of the many apps available for this purpose?
Obviously the best method - but I did not realize it was possible. Assumed the .APK went "Poof" once the app was installed.

Thanks... I will get on it.

Do you have one or more preferred apps for that purpose? My experience with backup utilities under Windows is that they all "Back Up".... but that the rubber meets the road with it's time to restore.

Is Titanium Backup one of them?

Also, it looks like RerWare's "MyBackupPro" might be a serious commercial effort.

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Don't let the name fool you, this does quite a bit more than uninstall system apps. :D


Most importantly regarding this topic, it will back up an app as an apk (instead of taring it like titanium)

Edit- you may want to hold of on using this for the time being... Or at least you shouldn't use it to remove any bloat until it's updated. It seems a recent update has caused a problem where the list is off by one and you may end up uninstalling the wrong app (according to the comments)

I'll look around for a suitable alternative :)
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