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[Sprint] Does HTC EVO 4g work in Canada?


Feb 7, 2011
Greetings everyone!
I was planning to buy a HTC 4G and use it in Canada.
I also know that a carrier in Canada such as Rogers uses GSM.
The phone itself uses CDMA and Bell uses that too, so does that mean it can work in Canada? or not?

Same as the Droid Incredible.

BTW, any new HTC phones coming out in Canada?:)
Are you trying to use it permanently across the border, or just for roaming?

If roaming, be sure to add the $2.99 add-on to your plan, to bring calls down to 20 cents a minute, including calls back to the USA. There's no data plan, though. Your phone will work (not at 4G), but rates are a little over $2.00 a megabyte. Text messages are at your home rate.

If taking it permanently across the border, it depends on whether Bell or Telus (or other regional CDMA carrier in your area, if you have one) can accept the ESN on their network.

I'll be in Vancouver in two weeks, and will be turning data roaming off. I'll be using voice/text, and WiFi, where available.
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