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Sprint got the kitkat update

Checked system updates and about phone I have no spot that says software update can any one look in there moto x and check if they can find the button please

This is the manual for the Sprint Moto X: http://shop.sprint.com/global/pdf/user_guides/motorola/moto_x/moto_x_by_motorola_ug.pdf

That says (on the page that is numbered 106, though it is page 115 of the PDF file) that you go to settings and there should be a "System update". So, from home, you open the app drawer, open "settings". It should be listed there, if that manual is correct.

If the order of the settings is the same as are listed in the manual, "System update" should be just after your accounts in the settings page, and just above "Date and time" settings.
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Ok I factory reset my phone to see idk well now I'm just guessing that the spring updates have to be pushed sprint must be the only company that doesn't have the software update button

You must be missing it. I read somewhere else that it is three or four options above "About phone" in the "Settings" - which is pretty much what the manual I linked to says. Some carriers put it in the "About phone", which was why I suggested looking there originally.

That said, it probably doesn't matter. Sprint is rolling out the updates. It will come eventually.
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This is the system updates tab it doesn't have a software update button this is the 4th tab above the about phone I guess between the carriers there are some differences


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